Vehicle Diagnostics

Benefits of Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostics enables problems to be identified quickly, saving time. Additionally, accurate and timely information could enable a potential fault to be identified and fixed before it escalates into an expensive repair.

Most vehicles today have on-board computers that produce warning codes which can can be read with specific vehicle diagnostics equipment. Electronic equipment can monitor and control emissions levels, engine temperature, windscreen wipers, and a whole lot more.  Some of these are displayed as warning lights on your dashboard.

Professional mechanics will be able to see if there are any recorded problems. Specialist software accesses the vehicle’s on-board computer system to identify where errors may have been recorded. Diagnostic test results can reveal a range of issues associated with ignition, transmission, brakes, emissions, oil and fuel and coolant systems, crankshaft, camshaft, suspension plus various other components.

Optimum Frequency for Diagnostics Testing

Depending on the age and ‘health’ of your vehicle, an annual check-up would usually suffice.  Diagnostics will be performed during a vehicle service, therefore, if your car or van is not serviced each year, an intermediate test is an option to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Why not have an oil and filter change at the same time?

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